Despite a lack of information on the best back pain treatment options, it’s important to find a professional who understands your condition and can provide you with a variety of options. Physical therapy, acupuncture, and a home exercise program are all possible ways to relieve back pain. I strongly suggest you to visit back pain treatment Murray to learn more about this. Although back pain treatment options vary, many patients report success with these methods. In addition, many patients benefit from the distraction provided by returning to work.


If simple measures don’t help, a specialist may recommend further treatment. See your GP for an evaluation and physiotherapy for advice on the best treatment options. The best back pain treatment option is to keep moving and carry on with normal activities. In the past, people believed bed rest was an effective back pain treatment, but this is no longer the case. In fact, nearly four out of 10 people with nonspecific back pain experience pain relief within four weeks.

In addition to these conservative treatments, doctors may recommend imaging tests to further evaluate the problem. Nerve root problems may be the underlying cause of back pain, and an MRI or CAT scan can help identify these conditions. For patients with pain that persists for more than two weeks, the doctor may recommend a surgery or other treatment that is more likely to relieve the pain. A doctor will examine you and ask you questions about your symptoms to determine the exact cause.

Chronic back pain can be debilitating, limiting your ability to perform daily activities, work, or enjoy life. Although some back pain is short-lived, it can persist for more than six weeks and even a year without relief. To ensure you’re getting the right treatment for your pain, you should consult with an experienced spine physician. These professionals can identify the underlying cause and develop a customized back pain treatment plan that addresses your specific situation.

A physical therapist specializes in exercises for mechanical symptoms of back pain. Besides treating the pain caused by mechanical symptoms, a physical therapist can also prescribe specific exercises to prevent further back pain. Prevention is always better than cure, so if you’d like to avoid back pain altogether, you can start by making lifestyle changes and taking care of your body. The Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania offers a variety of treatments to reduce the risks of back pain.

Surgery is an option for severe spinal conditions that can’t be treated with non-invasive methods. Back surgery options include vertebral fusion and discectomy. Discectomy involves the removal of a spinal disc. Vertebral fusion involves joining two adjacent vertebrae together with a spacer. These procedures can be effective for chronic or acute spinal pain. A surgeon may recommend a spinal fusion if conservative treatment isn’t enough.

Physical therapy can help prevent back pain by teaching a person how to modify their posture and perform exercises. Patients who suffer from chronic back pain may find some relief with psychological therapy. The therapist can teach them ways to maintain a positive attitude and help them avoid negative thoughts that can contribute to the condition. Cognitive behavioural therapy is another type of therapy that helps people manage back pain by changing the way they think about it. Negative thoughts about back pain can actually make it worse.

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