A marijuana dispensary, weed dispensary, or even a cannabis collective is basically a place where marijuana is sold either for medicinal or recreational purposes. The most common of these is the medical marijuana dispensary. In the United States these are also known as cannabis co-ops. Dispensary near me offers excellent info on this. In Europe they also exist as outlets for both medical and recreational purposes. In a lot of places these places even serve as a mini-drugstore.


There are also other types of pot shops that are found across the world. These are called recreational marijuana stores. In this case you would find marijuana plants and marijuana paraphernalia that would normally be used only to buy marijuana. If you wish to try out pot before actually buying it, you would be better off visiting a recreational marijuana store and testing it out first. You will be able to experience the same effects as you would have if you were smoking the actual marijuana plant.

Other than these there are also a variety of different styles of stores that sell marijuana. These include the wholesale marijuana shop. A wholesale marijuana store basically sells marijuana at wholesale rates, so there is a lot less competition among dealers and they can set their own prices. A lot of people prefer this option, since they can make more money on a smaller amount of money. On the other hand, many people prefer buying marijuana from licensed dealers. They usually have a good reputation, and also you can be sure that you are not going to get scammed into buying a product that won’t be legal in your state or country.

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