If you have an addiction problem, drug & alcohol rehab may be the right choice for you. These programs offer comprehensive treatment to overcome physical and psychological dependence on drugs and alcohol. These facilities often offer medical detoxification programs, evidence-based behavioral therapies, individual and group counseling, and aftercare programs to help patients return to their normal lives. A stay in a drug & alcohol rehab may last anywhere from thirty to ninety days.
The financial burden of treatment for addicts can be extremely daunting, especially for low-income families. Fortunately, there are several ways to find affordable and free rehabs for substance abusers. These free and low-cost options offer a helping hand to recovering addicts and allow them to get their lives back on track. Free counseling programs and support groups are also valuable tools for sustaining recovery. While this may be the last resort for many families, it can be a great way to get the help they need to help a loved one overcome their addiction. click for moreĀ Moving Mountains Recovery | Drug & Alcohol Rehab outpatient
While many health insurance companies cover the cost of drug and alcohol rehab, many programs do not offer full coverage. The Affordable Care Act requires many insurance companies to cover addiction treatment. Medicaid programs and state health exchanges are among the plans that offer full coverage for rehabilitation services. However, many insurance companies require patients to pay a co-insurance or deductible before treatment can be provided. This is a good option for people who have a moderate to severe addiction, since an outpatient rehab is a step-down program from an inpatient treatment facility.
Residential treatment is an option for those who can’t afford to stay in a facility for extended periods. This type of treatment usually includes group meetings, individual counseling, and even medication management. This type of treatment can range anywhere from 28 to 90 days, depending on the severity of the addiction. Many insurance companies have payment plans, so it’s important to choose a treatment option that can fit your budget. With proper treatment, you’ll be able to resume a normal life.
Aftercare is essential for the success of drug & alcohol rehab. Aftercare programs provide a consistent schedule of support calls and accountability check-ins. A comprehensive program will address the underlying emotional issues that cause an addiction, while helping the patient rebuild a healthier lifestyle. In addition to counseling, there are sober friends and family members to provide emotional support. The most effective addiction treatment is a comprehensive program, and a solid support network is essential to ensure a successful recovery.
Aside from the financial aspect, the psychological impact of substance abuse is extensive. More than half of people who abuse substances will develop mental disorders in the process. Substances like alcohol and heroin affect neurotransmitters in the brain. When people are on these substances, they stop making these neurotransmitters, and the body stops producing them once they are no longer taking them. It’s no wonder the addict feels anxious and withdrawn.