Replace the refrigerator filter every six months. The filter is located in the back corner, lower base grille, or top of the fridge. To change it, locate the filter change indicator and press it. After the filter is removed, the water supply lines should be attached and water turned on to flush the system. Then, use a towel to absorb any excess water. To install the new filter, unclip the cap and rotate it counter clockwise.Checkout for more info.

A refrigerator filter has three main parts: a carbon sock, a carbon core, and a filter media. These components work together to trap and neutralize a variety of contaminants in water. Water is usually contaminated by agricultural runoff, lead, or chlorine from older pipes. In some cases, the water can even be contaminated by other harmful compounds. Typically, fridge filters are rated to remove three common contaminants: chlorine, lead, and cysts. There are other filters that remove bacteria and chloramine.

Purchasing the right refrigerator filter is important. Be aware that there are many brands and styles, and that some may be counterfeit. A good way to avoid them is to check the user manual or use a fridge filter finder tool. These websites will ask questions about the type and style of your fridge to give you a list of compatible filters. If you aren’t sure, you can also try an online search for filters that are cheaper than the branded ones.

The CDC advises filtering water before using it. Using water that has been filtered can improve the taste, but it can also contain dangerous chemicals that are harmful to your health. A fridge water filter can reduce chlorine and chromium-6. And if you live in an area where lead contamination is an issue, the filter may not be enough to remove these chemicals. Purchasing a refrigerator water filter can help prevent these dangers and protect your health.

While refrigerator filters are an excellent start, they don’t always give you clean, healthy water. To make sure your water is pure and healthy, you should consider investing in an advanced refrigerator water filter that will meet your needs. You may be surprised by how many brands of refrigerator water filters are available. So make sure to shop around and compare filters before buying one. When replacing a refrigerator water filter, make sure to look for the model number. Some refrigerator filters have part numbers and will be compatible with your fridge model.

It is important to remember that refrigerator water filters need to be changed regularly. Depending on the type of filter you have, they can require three to six months of use. Some high-quality fridges come with a light to alert you when the filter needs to be replaced. If you don’t change your refrigerator water filter frequently, you may end up consuming harmful chemicals, particles, and bacteria from the water. This is not an uncommon situation and should be addressed immediately.