Taking orders by phone is an excellent way to boost your sales without having to leave your desk. It is quick and simple to do, but it requires a clear process. To start, make sure employees know how to take orders and fill out special order forms. Tax should be calculated correctly for every item, if applicable. You can even train your employees to do special order forms. For added convenience, prepare a list of your most popular products and services.visit

The holiday season increases customer communication, so it is important to be prepared. Consider hiring seasonal order takers or using answering services. Regardless of the method you choose, an evaluation spreadsheet is essential for tracking phone transactions. Use this to track key metrics and make necessary adjustments. It also includes questions to ask when taking orders by phone. The key questions are described below. Then, you’ll need to set up a callback number for each customer.

Your first impression counts, so don’t be too impersonal. If you answer the phone, introduce yourself and give your name behind the voice. Consumers want to talk to real people, so make yourself sound friendly and enthusiastic. Try to make sure that the person speaking to them is smiling and has a pleasant voice. It’s easy to sell something when you’re happy. Then, make sure to follow up with a free gift or a freebie.

Once the order is confirmed, repeat the information if necessary. Confirm the order and price. Follow up with a quick thank-you and good luck. It’s very important to follow up after the order has been placed. You never know if your customer will need to make changes after you’ve confirmed it. It’s never too late to make amends. When it comes to preparing your orders for delivery or pickup, be sure to follow these tips.

You can greet customers by name. You can also ask them to state what type of pizza they’d like to order. If possible, ask them to specify how much of their drink or salad dressing they’d like to add. Then, ask them to state their name, phone number, and physical address. Don’t forget to record all information. This way, you won’t get a single missed order. Once the order is confirmed, you can proceed with the next step, taking care of the payment.

Taking orders by phone has many advantages. First of all, it is a more convenient method than relying on a human, as consumers prefer to speak to a live person rather than a machine. And second, you’ll have more customers – Millennials! Millennials are your target market. Compared to baby boomers, they’re bigger spenders. Moreover, they’ve grown up in a time where convenience is the rule. For instance, Millennials use their phones for texting, setting up dates, and ordering food. You don’t need to know how to take orders by phone to attract this generation!

In addition to helping customers place their orders on the phone, a great app makes it easy to do so. You can search for a customer by name, phone number, or favorite order. Customers can also add multiple addresses to their customer profiles. Google maps autocompletes addresses for you, and you can easily swipe to confirm or decline a customer’s order. Customers can also place orders online or through a food delivery platform, and select pickup or delivery.