You’ve probably wondered how much a Lawn Care service will cost you. Some offer hourly rates, while others charge flat fees, and some bundle services. Before hiring a lawn service, make sure the contract clearly states what services you’re getting and how you’ll pay. If you’d like a biweekly service, be sure to ask about how many hours it will take for a lawn mowing and weed control visit. Lawn Services Company In Augusta – Green Lawn Augusta

You can schedule a recurring lawn care service to save yourself time. These services can be set up for weekly, biweekly, or monthly visits. You can choose to have a single service performed each week, or you can set up automatic payments for all your lawn care needs. Moreover, you can control the frequency of individual services and add or skip them as you please. In addition, you can cancel any recurring services at any time.

Before hiring a lawn care service, it’s crucial to read customer reviews online. Look for companies that have a long history of service, have excellent customer service, and have a stable clientele. Also, ask for references from current and previous customers. If a lawn care service can’t provide you with this information, move on to a different company. However, make sure to choose a company that is willing to work with you and accommodate your schedule.

A Lawn Care service can trim hedges and bushes, as well as maintain the health of the lawn. In addition to trimming the bushes and removing debris, these professionals can also perform a thorough spring cleanup and pruning. The spring and fall seasons are also important times for fertilization. You can ask the lawn care service you choose to fertilize your lawn every two months. And remember to rake away any fallen leaves and grass during the winter.

A Lawn Care service should test the soil for potential problems, like poor soil pH. Then, they can add necessary amendments to improve the health of your lawn. For instance, lime can help to restore the balance in the soil, allowing grasses to absorb nutrients. If you’re in need of repairs, consider purchasing one of the Pennington One Step Complete premixed grass seed and professional-grade fertilizer. It makes the task easier and reduces the cost of repairs. Unlike DIY kits, this one product contains all the necessary ingredients to repair your lawn.

Some companies offer both physical and chemical weed control. Herbicides kill broadleaf weeds without harming the grass. Some companies use post-emergent herbicides to treat every lawn, while others only apply them to lawns with noticeable weed problems. You can also use an asparagus knife to cut down the roots of weeds. But if you don’t want to use chemicals, you can also hire a Lawn Care service.

A professional can do a variety of jobs for you, including seeding and reseeding. This process costs about $100 to $250 per thousand square feet, but is more labor-intensive. It takes a professional approximately an hour to do one square foot of lawn. However, it is worth considering that some jobs are better left to a professional. In addition to a professional lawn care service, you might also consider a DIY project for a few bucks.